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About Us

All of our work is insurance approved and we provide free written estimates and quotes for any glazing work you need carrying out. Our staff will advise you of the relevant costs and arrange a date or time with yourself for when you would like us to attend. As we have long believed in providing the best an emergency response call out can be arranged with ourselves for most of our work where we aim for a 30-90* minute response time to attend to your glazing repair.

Do you have a problem with a sash window? Our glazing and framework repairs encompass a large number of sash windows issues. Sash windows out of alignment can be adjusted, and broken sash cords can be replaced.

If the prospect of glass with special attributes e.g. obscured from the outside, reflective of solar light, tinted etc. is appealing then we can provide special film which is carefully applied to existing or new glass. With the aid of our trusted suppliers, we procure the requested film and attach it to the glass.


Most newly-fitted modern windows will have a low emissivity quality as a pre-requisite. This is known as low-e or K-glass and has a special insulation which deflects most solar heat and UV light on the outside and keeping warmth inside the house whilst letting sunlight in unhindered. This allows for a temperate house in the summer and an insulated house in the winter and we can supply and fit these high quality types of glass for you at any size or thickness. Alternatively for double glazed units we can fill them with argon gas which is six times denser than normal air. The insulation inside the panes causes heat to be kept in during the summer and out in the winter.

Is the door too small for you to get items through and you need to pursue other methods? We can offer a solution through the removal and later refitting of a suitably sized pane for you. The glass is carefully removed from the frame and it is refit into the frame when you have no further use for it.

Glass Replacement

If your panel were to break after hours or in a situation where glass replacement would not be immediately possible we are still in a position to mitigate any security risks through the application of boards to the property. Plywood boards cut to sufficient measurement are applied to the relevant panes and can be secured to the windows for temporary or permanent purposes as per your own personal preference.

Leaded Windows

Your pane may have had special decoration prior to its expiration (e.g. lead strips or Georgian bars attached.) These specifications can be replicated for the new panes and fitted as required to the new glass. For the decra-lead we apply the lead to the glass, carefully checking it is consistent with adjacent windows and applying with force to confirm it attaches. The layout and extent of the lead would be entirely to your preference, we can apply it to one side of the glass or both, we can apply the lead in square or diamond etc. It’s up to you. Georgian bars are subject to the same procedure as the lead, we can fit them as per your preference either to the outside of the glass or to the inside of the glass whilst being ordered if it’s a double glazed unit.

Lead Light Windows

Certain old-fashion windows can constitute a synthesis of lead and glass; the glass being integrated into solid pieces of lead. These are known as lead-light windows. We have numerous specialists who are proficient in the repair or replacement of these windows. The nature of the remedial work is dependent on the location of the damaged components and the extent of the damage. Minor, localised lead damage could be repairable and an isolated broken pane can be replaced like normal glass but extensive damage (e.g. lead and two broken panes) could warrant a complete replacement. Our specialists will order a replacement and skilfully fit it when it’s completed. To prevent any security risks in the meantime if you prefer we can board up the window or a temporarily re-glaze it with a modern pane.

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